Our December Brochure

New Year's
Eve dance

31st December

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Christmas Dance
25th December

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Christmas Bazaar
18th December

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Carol Nite
16th December

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Gymkhana Day
3rd December

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Chairman's Speech

Facilities Activities
Get your game face on, it’s time to bring your competitive spirit to the court. Perfect your hit while staying fit with our badminton court. Don’t be afraid of a little racquet!
Banquet Hall
Malad de Grande
Celebrate your special moments, grand successes, and milestones of life in our banquet hall. Tastefully decorated coupled with delightful dishes and a dashing DJ, we have got everything covered for you. All you have to do it book a date, and dance the night away.
Billiard Room
Coming Soon
A clarion call to all those who love to set the ball rolling. Take your aim, and bag the game with precision and flawlessness at our billiards room.
Card Room
Got an ace up your sleeve? Drop in for a game of cards, and seal the deal. Bring your entire troop of friends along as the cards beckon one and all (members and non-members). This deal is a steal!
02.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Sat/Sun & public holidays
01.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Guest Rooms
Coming Soon
Whether you’re looking for a quite staycation or hosting a couple of friends overnight, we have the perfect rooms for you to pamper yourself. Our concierge will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.
Loaded with a host of fitness equipment and other paraphernalia that will keep you fit and improve your health, our gymnasium ensures that you work up a sweat with ease. Our instructors will make you hustle for that muscle.
Don’t just wish for it, work for it.
Indulge in any cuisine of your choice, and tickle your taste buds with our extravagant menu cooked up just for you. Our renowned chefs will whip up the perfect dishes that will warm your heart and leave you asking for more. Bon Appétit!
Coming Soon
If you like to try something off-beat, the squash court is just for you. Take a swing along with a fellow adventurer, and bag your victories. Give it your best shot!
Swimming Pool
Coming Soon
Take in a dip into the deep, and lose yourself amidst the clouds with our roof-top swimming pool. Beat the blues and master your strokes with our dedicated and talented group of swimming and diving trainers.
Fancy being King of your own castle? Plot your next move to seize the price. Challenge a mate and come join in our chess tournaments!
Want to strike another goal off your list? Be a sport and join our football team! We provide a series of training sessions, workshops and conditioning drills to improve your fitness and performance on the field.

Take your game to the next level!
Come and learn how to perfect those Jackie Chan kicks and chops. It’s better to sweat in practice than bleed in battles. Learn the Shaolin way of self-defense from our certified and renowned instructors.

It’s time to be a ninja!
Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday
07.30 pm to 08.30 pm
08.30 pm to 09.30 pm
Tired of walking? Zoom past your worries and buddies with our skating training. Join a class that will turn the passive spectator in you into an active participant in no time.

Let’s roll!
Monday/Wednesday and Friday
06.00 pm to 07.00 pm
07.00 to 08.00 pm
Table Tennis
It’s all play and no work at our ping-pong arena. Walk into our table-tennis coaching sessions an amateur, and emerge a hero.

It’s time to hit them with your best shot!
Monday to Saturday
07.30 am to 09.30 am
03.00 pm to 06.00 pm
(Each batch of 45 minutes)
Need a break everyday? Relax and rejuvenate yourself at our yoga sessions. Stay fit, and spread the good vides by mastering your zen mode!
Daily except Sundays
07.00 am to 08.00 am

Recent Events

Ganpati Contest 2020 Prize Distribution

  • 28-09-2020
  • MGL

Congratulations to the winners of the

Republic Day Bumper Housie

  • 25-01-2020
  • MGL Grounds

Republic Day Bumper housie on

New Years Dance

  • 31-12-2019
  • MGL Lawn

The Annual New Year's Eve

Santa's Bazaar

  • 15-12-2019
  • MGL Grounds

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₹ 2,95,000
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Become a part of the Malad Gymkhana family

The place where interests meet